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Do you like turntabelism or jazzy hiphop tunes? Well, I think I have the right stuff for you. It´s Kid Koala, who released a few days ago a new mash-up album for free, so check out! But watch also those great videos before.

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Remember one of my first posts? It was the famous urban ninja vid. When I was looking after some other flix of him, I found this nice mash-up.

Just enjoy.

A few days ago, I heard a song of the “East Of Underground” LP on my favorite webradio (I posted it before, watch for What music could be better to wake up than this? Mojo man, mojo!

Check also waxpoetics

Found this on Nerdcore, a great piece of art, furious pictures and a lyric about space, time and wormholes. Just nice to start the day, drink a coffee and watch this one

via Nerdcore (watch there for the lyrics)

Watch also this one, you science nerd disco queen!

A few weeks ago I started reading the whole work of Hunter S. Thompson and I love it. The more I read, the more I found his notes to the congress of the democratic party 1968 in Chicago. I heard about the riots before, but never saw pictures of it. So I started youtube (what else?) and found this two vids.

Part 1:

Part 2:

Geeez, when I read the new Rugged I saw a bust made by Frank Kozik, it shows the great leader of vietnamese communism Ho Chi Minh. When visiting, I saw that Kozik also made a bust of Stalin in bronze. Is somebody out there who is willing to buy me one?


Via wayne



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