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I don´t like Muse that much, but that doesn´t matter…now. What do you do, if you wanna play live, but you can´t? Right, you make a lot of fun, if you are cool enough (and not into the german “schlager szene”). This is awesome, even without sound you can see the band making a fool out of their set and the best…the host doesn´t get it. Ok, it´s Rai Due and this belongs to Berlusconi and…if you are into italian tv you know what the host must have to get a show…right, see her, see Berlusconi and see all the other female hosts, go-go´s. Here´s the video.

Via Popkulturjunkie


Ok, yesterday was not so fine. Four more years we have to take faces like Schäuble or von der Leyen and people were so stupid to vote a acne face like Westerwelle. But I feel ok today and so here´s my song for the morning.

PS: The same Edwin Starr also made the anti-vietnam war hymn “war”

And again it´s time for some music. After drinking my coffee, eating my Bifi and listening to the stream of the great Discodiamant, I found a video of one of the two DJ´s on the web. Defcon together with Sygaire. Nice made of seventies dancing, mixed with strange sci-fi and martial arts scenes.

Do you like turntabelism or jazzy hiphop tunes? Well, I think I have the right stuff for you. It´s Kid Koala, who released a few days ago a new mash-up album for free, so check out! But watch also those great videos before.

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A few days ago, I heard a song of the “East Of Underground” LP on my favorite webradio (I posted it before, watch for What music could be better to wake up than this? Mojo man, mojo!

Check also waxpoetics

Found this on Nerdcore, a great piece of art, furious pictures and a lyric about space, time and wormholes. Just nice to start the day, drink a coffee and watch this one

via Nerdcore (watch there for the lyrics)

Watch also this one, you science nerd disco queen!

While I was looking for some cool 8bit demos, I found this on youtube. Two of my favourite child toys – Lego and the legendary Commodore 64 – were combined by some guys. They say it took them about 1500 hours to make this video. Respect folks!



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