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This is a few days old and you may have seen it on other blogs before, but this shit is so awesome, I have to re-post it. Just watch and enjoy the work of BLU and David Ellis on the Fame Festival in Italy.

Via nomnomnom


In the german online magazin SpOn I found a very interesting article about the page All over the united states people started to discover old and rotten malls. I love those old industrial ruins (ok, this is not industry you narrow minded geography student). These old malls are a nice sign for the changing times, you can see the concept and the time they were build. So visit the page and look at the awesome pictures, scenes like “Dawn Of The Dead” were real.

Update: Here´s a short film made by the guys, looks a little bit scary

I don´t like Muse that much, but that doesn´t matter…now. What do you do, if you wanna play live, but you can´t? Right, you make a lot of fun, if you are cool enough (and not into the german “schlager szene”). This is awesome, even without sound you can see the band making a fool out of their set and the best…the host doesn´t get it. Ok, it´s Rai Due and this belongs to Berlusconi and…if you are into italian tv you know what the host must have to get a show…right, see her, see Berlusconi and see all the other female hosts, go-go´s. Here´s the video.

Via Popkulturjunkie

Found this on Nerdcore, a great piece of art, furious pictures and a lyric about space, time and wormholes. Just nice to start the day, drink a coffee and watch this one

via Nerdcore (watch there for the lyrics)

Watch also this one, you science nerd disco queen!

Geeez, when I read the new Rugged I saw a bust made by Frank Kozik, it shows the great leader of vietnamese communism Ho Chi Minh. When visiting, I saw that Kozik also made a bust of Stalin in bronze. Is somebody out there who is willing to buy me one?


Via wayne

When I discovered the internet some years ago, I started playing text based games on telnet, it gave me the good old feeling of text based adventures on my old C64. Now I found this (thx Ormus), if you like old style ASCII and Star Wars, this is totally yours. Just type

Windows + G

Then “cmd”

At least enter “telnet” and press RETURN

just wait a few seconds and the magic will start.

Who ever this made, I salute to you!



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