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What happen when malls die?

Posted on: September 29, 2009

In the german online magazin SpOn I found a very interesting article about the page All over the united states people started to discover old and rotten malls. I love those old industrial ruins (ok, this is not industry you narrow minded geography student). These old malls are a nice sign for the changing times, you can see the concept and the time they were build. So visit the page and look at the awesome pictures, scenes like “Dawn Of The Dead” were real.

Update: Here´s a short film made by the guys, looks a little bit scary

6 Responses to "What happen when malls die?"

It might be a good idea to renovate these ‘dead malls’ as a shelter for the homeless.

interesting idea, what could you do with these malls. you could use them also like a community centre. but I guess most of them will just get rotten

What happens when malls die? Local suppliers and small scale shopkeepers breathe a huge sigh of relief.

I think they would be awesome for lazer tag/paintball. Urban combat entertainment centers.

I’ll be glad when malls are gone and Christmas presents are unique again (in other words, 30 other people did not get the exact same thing at the same exact shop). I think more people ought to shop at local shops instead of hammering the malls where all the food tastes the same (with some exceptions).

Dead malls ? I didn’t know it existed. They seem to be everywhere and very alive. I guess the dead ones could be renovated as shelters, amusement areas, schools of some sort or condos, interior skate parks…

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