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Posted on: August 8, 2009

If you come – like me – from germany, than you have the decision between two types of documentaries. The first one is produced by the public broadcasting, mostly boring stuff. Sometimes a little bit investigative, but most of the time with a very dry try of education. The other type is the “documentary” made by the private broadcasting. It´s mixed with elements bought in the united states or great britain or it´s terrible cheap produced, without any sense of humour or in any way interesting. You can choise between “how to make the world biggest hamburger” or “the biggest cranes in the world”. As a widely interested guy, I searched for something more serious but nevertheless interesting documentary. And I found Louis Theroux from BBC. His way to present himself and to be investigativ, without being an asshole is furious. It´s hard to descripe his style, so you have to make your own opinion. I´m not sure if it´s legal to link to his documentaries I found on youtube, so you have to search for yourself. You will find a lot of stuff online. Try out “americas most hated family” or his documentary about private security agencies in Johannesburg, South Africa. Just amazing, I wish there would be someone in germany who would do documentaries in that way.


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